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CPL Predictions 2022

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I can't really predict a champion; if they're first overall they should win, though it hasn't been the case the two full years:

1. Cavalry

2. Forge

3. Valour

4. Pacific

5. Ottawa

6. York

7. Halifax

8. Edmonton

Cavalry and Forge have great coaching, and both seem to have an idea on how to build a team even after losing key players each year. Valour looked much better after Gale was gone, and were actually exciting to watch, so they are my sleeper pick. Pacific lost a few key pieces, but I do like the rebuild so I don't see a huge drop. Atletico is looking much improved, so they may challenge for a playoff spot and knock Valour or Pacific out.  As much as I like Martin Nash as a coach, York's players needs to prove me wrong because they've been overrated for three years now and don't look stronger this year while other teams do.  Wanderer's third top scorer last year was Own Goal with two, and I don't see any improvement this year scoring-wise which will hurt them. Edmonton is a work in progress.

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