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Let's have some fun between now and Friday. Use this website to simulate the draw. Post the FIRST group you get with Canada.

Ally McCoist

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I don't hate it.


I've simulated a bunch and the ones that have Canada in Pot 3 aren't really any better. There's a chance two of the teams are much stronger than Canada. Ecuador does scare me and they're a common opponent.

edit: Even more sims, I don't see why we want Pot 3 so badly it doesn't seem to change the difficulty of opponenets in any real amount. Our challenge was always going to be the top two teams.

Getting into Group A is the ultimate goal really, which isn't in our hands.

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My groups in order for my Draw that I got

Group A- Qatar (hosts), Denmark, Serbia, Ecuador 

Group B- Belgium, USA, Iran, Ukraine

Group C- England, Netherlands, Canada, Algeria

Group D- Argentina, Germany, Poland, Costa Rica

Group E- Mexico, Senegal, South Korea, North Macedonia 

Group F- Spain, Uruguay, Japan, Ghana

Group G- France, Switzerland, Morocco, Peru

Group H- Brazil, Croatia, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia 


My Group Predictions 

A- Serbia (1st), Denmark (2nd)

B- Belgium (1st), Ukraine (2nd)

C- Netherlands (1st), Canada (2nd)

D- Argentina (1st), Germany (2nd)

E- Mexico (1st), Senegal (2nd)

F- Spain (1st), Uruguay (2nd)

G- Switzerland (1st), France (2nd)

H- Brazil (1st), Croatia (2nd)



Round of 16 Predictions

Serbia vs Ukraine= Serbia wins 

Belgium vs Denmark= Belgium wins

Netherlands vs Germany= Netherlands wins

Argentina vs Canada= Argentina wins

Mexico vs Uruguay= Mexico overcome the curse

Senegal vs Spain= Senegal upsets Spain

Switzerland vs Croatia= Switzerland beats Croatia

France vs Brazil= Brazil beats France


Quarter Final Predictions 

Serbia vs Brazil= Brazil beats Serbia 

Belgium vs Switzerland= Belgium beats Switzerland 

Netherlands vs Senegal= Netherlands beats Senegal 

Argentina vs Mexico= Argentina beats Mexico


Semi Final Predictions 


Brazil vs Netherlands= Netherlands beats Brazil

Belgium vs Argentina= Argentina beats Belgium 

(3rd Place Game)- Brazil vs Belgium= Brazil beats Belgium to get 3rd


Qatar 2022 Final Prediction 

Argentina vs Netherlands (rematch of 1978 in the Final)= 2022 FIFA World Cup Champions Argentina by beating Netherlands in the Final

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Group F

fr.png France
ch.png Switzerland
eg.png Egypt
ca.png Canada
Avg. Ranking 1608


Don't hate this. I low key want a powerhouse like France just to see where we stack up plus a country like Brazil, France, England etc. will bring lot of media and attention to the fellas. I think Switzerland is a team in pot B we can beat as good as they are. No real difference makers. Egypt shut down Salah and we good lol 

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Take out US and MEX from Pot 2, you have six teams. I guess you want to avoid Germany and Netherlands from there to give yourself a chance. I don't want Qatar. Pot 3 or 4 is not that important. From my perspective, there is a 66.66% for a good draw. 

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