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CONCACAF Nations League 2022/2023 - General Thread - Group Stage

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4 hours ago, VinceA said:

Apparently he's hurt which is why he didn't feature, but I wonder if he's already filed his switch. Seems like he has.

I think there is no chance we get Ferdi - he has made his choice and we ain’t it. 

But from my understanding the whole “one-time” switch is a myth (or an artifact of past rule iterations).  He hasn’t repped Turkey and therefore I think could still rep Canada even if he has filed to switch Associations.  There is no one-timedness in actual fact - if is the cap itself that ties him up, not the paperwork.  

Again though, it is moot because he is gone.  But technically I think it still could happen in theory. 


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5 hours ago, nfitz said:

The Argentina match is not a friendly.  It's the (revived) match between the Euro 2020 and 2021 Copa America winners, organized by UEFA and CONMEBOL.

I doubt they'd have gotten away with it, if it were just a friendly.

For FIFA World Rankings purpose, it is considered a friendly.  😁

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Honestly just hoping we get a solid home game in June. It'll likely be the last home game until at minimum the March 2023 window.

Also, would like the opportunity to make use of my CR+W membership at least one last time 😂😂

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