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Chloe Lacasse

red card

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This is must be a benefit of winning gold as the Athletic has its second article in a week about a Canadian player.

Interesting tidbits are:

Her mum hated the cold interiors of ice hockey arenas so dodged the national sport and put her in football and taekwondo sessions. She made the national team for taekwondo before choosing to completely focus on football at 12.

Speaks English and French fluently but picked up Portuguese quicker than Icelandic.

She has already registered nine goals and five assists this season and has become a local icon, the fans have even given her the nickname “Cloe Le-Class”.

I’m contracted here until 2024 but I’m open to opportunities. It’s just about what best suits my career and my lifestyle. Portugal right now has been a fantastic place to live and Benfica has been an exceptional club to be around. The people here really want me to grow as a player and they want me to be happy and that’s really the two most important things right now. I’m finding both here, so I can’t complain.”


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Women's Champions League Qualifying going on right now in the 77th min.

Benfica is dominating the game at Ibrox vs. Rangers but the score is tied 2 - 2. 

It's been a great game, with lots of action.

Chloe has played well, though perhaps she should get her shot off more instead of deferring to others.

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