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Match Thread: October21, 2021 - Cavalry v Pacific


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The game was a little more open than I expected it to be. Cavalry attacked with purpose and the movement of Camargo inside dragged Pacific back line allowing Farsi to obtain space on the flanks causing overloads. I thought the introduction of Chiara allowed Cavalry to be more decisive from midfield.
As expected the game was fast paced, Pacific just seemed to overplay, for me. Passing is great and their retention of the ball was good but they just didn't play between the lines for me and Cavalry held firm their shape. Pacific's shape between midfield and defence left gaps that Cavalry could exploit. 

With the league as it stands now the HFX vs Forge game tomorrow could bring Forge into 2nd place 1 point behind Cavalry and 2 games in hand. Forge will do well to steal a draw there and that would put them into a good position to strike in the latter games for top spot.

What a league!

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9 hours ago, Big_M said:

what in the world is carducci doing..two awful plays with feet..at least one should have turned into a goal if opponent reacted better

You have to look at the quality of the passback he is receiving from his teammate as well though. The one at 0:50 in the highlights is horrific and probably led to some heated exchanges in the changing rooms at halftime.

Often get the impression that all the analytics that are done nowadays are making the modern player selfish like some stats obsessed hockey player caring more about their plus-minus or whatever rather than what's good for the team.

The Calgary defence passed the ball from one side to the other like the ball was a hot potato resulting ultimately in their goalie being placed under needless pressure rather than launching a speculative long ball for a forward to try to run onto. Hey look guys my pass completion stat was really good last game...

Check out Joe Mason the former English Championship player at 2:25 or so for how the game should be played. Mo Farsi has the better chance to score so he sets him up unselfishly with the sort of slow ball rolling on the deck you should also try to provide your keeper with if you are going to pass it back to him under some sort of pressure.

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