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Match Thread: October 5, 2021 - Valour v Cavalry


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Not the smallest crowd of the year, but close to.  Would guess low/mid 2,000.  Ran into a lot of familiar faces tonight, good to see.

Could have gone either way tonight.  Lots of props to a whole parade of Valour players.  Performed individually and collectively about as well as has been seen for quite some time.  Novak and Camargo a proper pain, as to be expected, and Norman is an important piece back there for Cavalry.  Carducci earning his wages tonight, both keepers did.

Officials will always get a rough go of it at IG Field, locals feeling it's there responsibility to see that they do.  You know, for their experience, to help prepare them if they wish to look for professional advancement, but has to be said they had it coming.  No favours exteneded to the home side tonight. 

Someone said Farsi was MoTM tonight, rubbish.  Valour centric or no stand outs tonight were Levis and Sirois.  Worth mentioning the Valour back line looked proper tonight against a very game opponent as well.   BIG shout out to Reyes and Arnold especially.  Baquero showing his age as the season has gotten on though.  Still, well done.

Forge up next.  Ug.


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The active lower bowl sections (from the Trench round to the far end section opposite it) would need to be around 35-40% full for the announced number to reflect what's actually happening in filled seat terms. Think the highlights posted above make it abundantly clear whether the actual crowd is in line with the announced number. People should probably bear that sort of thing in mind when discussing what is happening in Edmonton. Beyond that the Forge look much more lively now. Shouldn't have waited so long to axe Rob Gale but having a salary cap for coaches as well as players probably complicates midseason changes in that regard.

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