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Match Thread: September 18, 2021 - Valour v Cavalry


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OK.  Analysis in brief.

Decent crowd about average so far for 2021 I'd say.  As lovely a September after as you could excpect but the sunshine did drive quite a few to the concorse to watch, which was very common in 2019 but not so much this year.   

Mason making a nusance of himself all match.

Ledgerwood's goal.  WTF?

Carducci doing his job.  Maybe saved Cavalry a point on the day.

Aleman, who I'm no great fan of for a variety of reasons, props today.  Was waaaay more alert and as always willing to take responsibility and got the honours for doing so.  Keep it up.

Akio an absolute soldier out there today.  Did everything he needed to and more and all of it thankless but necessary work.  Well done.  

Shout out to Galhardo and Silva for entirely different reasons but absolutely worth noting. 

Match could have gone either way today.  Draw maybe being the most just result. 






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