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Match Thread: September 14, 2021 - Edmonton v Pacific

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2 hours ago, ted said:

Being generally a pessimist when it comes to the teams I support (Canada, Pacific, Arsenal) I am very uncomfortable being as optimistic as I am about this game.


I'll scratch Arsenal (my dads team) from the list, but I'll add Canucks, Whitecaps and Liverpool (until recently). I fully understand the pessimism, but I'm still cautiously optimistic that this Pacific team is the real deal. They've passed a few big tests already and we've been playing some very attractive football. Edmonton soccer is the antithesis of that though :)

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Pacific are a really entertaining team to watch and here's to hoping they can continue to challenge Forge and Cavalry as we head down the stretch.

They should knock off Edmonton though it is hard to tell which Ongaro is going to show up.

I'll say 2-1 to Pacific with Dixon and Campbell scoring the goals.


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2 hours ago, Aird25 said:

We seemed to lack creativity without Aparicio and Bustos. 

We were lucky to come away with a late draw. It has been us at the wrong end of that trend the last two seasons. 

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