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WCQ: USA vs Canada - Sunday, Sept 5th, 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific - Nashville

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18 minutes ago, archer21 said:











That’s pretty much my line up with Davies in for Osorio and Larin for David 

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21 minutes ago, shorty said:

McKennie has not been included in today’s squad following a violation of team policy.

Ooh… someone dig up the dirt!

Isnt he the one who was disciplined by his club team for hosting a party in contravention of COVID rules?

Yes to your question.

I like Weston McKennie but I'm glad he lacks discipline and got himself booted from the squad...temporarily speaking.

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3 minutes ago, apbsmith said:

I want to play David, but he looked pretty gased after playing with Lille on Sunday then our game vs Honduras. 

Maybe we bring David on for final ~25 or fully rest him for he's good to go vs El Salvador. 

Regardless I like this lineup. Here is hoping it is enough for a result!

The thing is, with Davies starting, will he get subbed out by the time David enters or can Davies play 2 full matches in a row?

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3 minutes ago, trc2014 said:

Given the last two meetings - pins and needles for the first 10 minutes

Just lose the coin toss so that we start with the ball.  Don't call heads or tails, call "paper" or "scissors" or some shit like that. Then just pass the ball around for 10 minutes.

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