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WCQ: USA vs Canada - Sunday, Sept 5th, 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific - Nashville

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I read some reviews on their first game and it seems like the USMNT had the same problems we did, how the final ball was always lacking in quality along with there being an overall lack of cohesion amongst the teammates.

Both teams are going to come out and put on much better displays tonight I reckon. 

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McKennie has not been included in today’s squad following a violation of team policy.

Ooh… someone dig up the dirt!

Isnt he the one who was disciplined by his club team for hosting a party in contravention of COVID rules?

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Just now, EJsens1 said:

How do you balance your expectations that you don’t want Henry to play due to his recklessness but also know he needs to play too?!  

He can't play as a RCB. Gets caught out. In the 2 or in a middle of a 3 between two good players he should be ok. Keyword - should. 

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