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WCQ: USA vs Canada - Sunday, Sept 5th, 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific - Nashville

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So, based points dropped at home seemingly eliminating you from competition, it looks like all of the following teams have been eliminated in the Ocho:

El Salvador
Costa Rica

So congratulations to Honduras and Mexico then, I guess?

Weird that CONCACAF is only going to send two teams to the World Cup.

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Great fucking result. Gritty performance. Great tactics. And the big thing: the team grew big time tonight. They aren't scared of nobody!!  Sam and Doneil had very good games, as did Eustaquio and Davies and Borjan and Laryea.  Super proud of these guys.  Get these guys into the hyperbaric chambers now! Feed them steaks and get them their massages.  Damned impressed, and we've got more to give. Credit to JH and this staff and the lads. Smart, smart, smart.

Bring on El Salvador. If we can take 5 points from the first window, I'm very happy. (I wanted 6, but 5 ain't so bad.)

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Just now, gwsmith63 said:

Have to say that Brooks is a nightmare at the back for the USA. You think we are dodgy at times???

Just lumping big punts up the park and was absolutely at sea for our goal. Hadn’t a clue where Larin was. 

And if they can drag him out wide he gets walked like Buchanan did at least once.

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1 minute ago, El Hombre said:

Davies is the best player in CONCACAF so he's going to take us far.  But also, Davies didn't take us to the Gold Cup semi-final and within a hair's breadth of beating Mexico to make the final.

Have faith.

Reminds me of a story. I had an uncle, big Norwegian guy who had a fishing boat off the coast of Vancouver Island. They were in a huge gale and the boat was flooded and they were bailing like crazy to try and keep it from sinking. He looks over and sees one of the crew on his knees praying. He said if you don't get up and get bailing I'll throw you overboard right now.

Faith is a way of walking, not a way of talking.

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