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World Cup Qualifying Third Round Match Day 1: Canada Honduras - Thursday, September 2nd, 2021 - BMO Field, Toronto.


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1 minute ago, SthMelbRed said:

I've only just got a stream up on the second laptop while I'm working. The past 4-5 minutes have looked like it's all Honduras. 😞 

what stream?  I couldn't find one that worked from the list

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Just now, baulderdash77 said:

I don’t like the 4-4-2 formation.  Being down a central midfielder isn’t doing us any favours.  Canada plays best with 3 CM when they can control the middle.  It’s just a bit disjointed.

I don’t know if it’s the formation as much as the dirt stupid combination of players. 

did nobody on the coaching staff ask the question who was going to break the lines? We’re donut shaped 

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I wrote this during the GC, and before: Kamal Miller does not have the level to play for Canada. He lacks technique, he can't swivel, he's below the level of the rest of the team. 

I don't care if people think what they see in MLS is different, he's a liability and should not be in our starting XI, ever.

We've been slightly outplayed at m. 30. We are missing the mids making the plays, too many long balls from the back going over the heads of the guys who know how to playmake. Should never happen. 

Is David playing?


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