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World Cup Qualifying Third Round Match Day 1: Canada Honduras - Thursday, September 2nd, 2021 - BMO Field, Toronto.


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1 hour ago, CanadianSoccerFan said:

Interesting coverage from Honduras at Diez.hn including an interview with Stephen Hart.

Honduran press is snapping TMZ style footage of Quioto arriving at Pearson airport this morning.  Rest of the team is arriving tonight.  Montreal tried to claim Quioto is injured and block him from being called up.  Honduras had to invoke FIFA protocols to force his release.

Honduran FA president openly saying he's concerned about the ref being biased due to the CONCACAF president being from Canada.



Rearrange in the following order: black kettle pot the calling

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1 hour ago, rkomar said:

If you don't hear it, it's because we didn't score.  Be careful of what you wish for!

I sit corrected.  I have offered other suggestions.  If Phonsie scores he could say Goaaaaaaaaalamundo or he could say Ayyyyyyy! or even better Ehhhhhh!

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2 hours ago, gigi riva said:

Aew we favourites probably but not overwhelming but I would love to avenge  forthat 8 nil drubbing and all the otyer times we have lost to them 

I’ll take a solid victory first but yeah if we get a chance to put a hatful past those $@&$) I would love it.

Of course only few guys on the team probably are extremely aware of the 8-1.  It probably haunts us more as supporters than the players.

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Very excited for this game.  3 of us coming down from Ottawa for this game.  Was in Montreal in ‘08 for the loss there and the tie at BMO in ‘12.  Can’t stand Honduras.  I really hope this is a big win.

To me, this is the start of 3 World Cup cycles for this young core.  So much excitement the next 8-10 years.  I’ve said this to so many people but it’s crucial we qualify this time.  I don’t want to go into ‘26 listening to the “they only got in because they’re hosting it” garbage.  

When Herdman took over, it was a blah move for me.  More of the same it felt and the flop out in the gold cup in ‘19 wasn’t pretty.  But this group has really turned it around and I’ve never seen such a buy in from the players.  Sure a lot of it is from the players, looking around at the group of guys and thinking to themselves, we have a good group here, why would I want to miss this?  But I’ll give Herdman a lot of credit for his ability to bring players together, not whining through the media about missing players or unfair circumstances.  He’s been pure class and a real leader that this team has frankly never had 

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1 hour ago, narduch said:


Do we expect that they will have some sort of limited training session tomorrow or wait until Tuesday when I expect everyone will be town and raring to go? 

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Honduras has arrived.  See if you can spot the gem in google translate



The Honduras National Team is already in Canada for next Thursday's match for the Concacaf Octagonal towards the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Amado Guevara's reaction to the game against Canada

After three days training in San Pedro Sula, the Bicolor began its trip this Sunday and landed normally in Toronto, focused on its first fire test to be able to be in the World Cup event.

It is worth mentioning that the 'H' had traveled only with the footballers of our league and in Canada the heavy artillery was added. Romell Quioto, Boniek Garcia, Maynor Figueroa, Andy Najar and Bryan Acosta are with the group awaiting the other legionaries who will arrive this Monday and Tuesday.

Antony 'Choco' Lozano , forward for Cádiz of Spain, will join the national team tomorrow while Rigo Rivas , who today thrashed in Reggina's triumph over Ternana (3-2), will join the team on Tuesday.

Honduras Canada

On the other hand, midfielder Brayan Moya was the only one who did not travel with the rest of the squad, but he will do so via Panama, since the player has had some immigration problems and cannot enter the United States. It is expected to arrive in Canada tonight at 11:40 PM.

The team Fabian Intercourse will hold its first training in Toronto on Monday and Tuesday, and will do double duty, as reported by Gerardo Ramo s, Manager of the Honduran National Team Deportivo.

The field reconnaissance is scheduled for Wednesday at BMO Field with the full picture.

The Bicolor will start visiting their dream of qualifying for a new World Cup and will do so against one of the teams that has had a remarkable growth in recent years. The game against Canada will be played on Thursday starting at 6:05 PM, honduras de Honduras.

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