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Best Signings Of 2021?


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What have been the best CPL signings, both performance and resume wise?

Some of my takes.

Joe Mason - Cavalry

Unbelievable resume for this level and he's begun to deliver as he should.

Andrew Jean-Baptiste - Valour

Arguably the best player in the league, and Valour have fallen apart since he's gotten injured. 12 caps for Haiti too is nothing to snuff at.

Jonathan Sirois - Valour

Pretty good keeper, even though he couldn't keep his clean sheet run without Jean Baptiste.

Joshua Navarro - Forge

He has a decent resume for this level, but not phenomenal. However he's been very impressive for Forge in my opinion.

Jordan Wilson - York United

Not quite Gasparotto but he's done very well for York so far, and has replaced him adequately.

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12 hours ago, longlugan said:

Navarro is an absolute pylon. My son and I bet on when he will be subbed out of any game he starts. He had a decent spell in El Salvador for the two CONCACAF League games but otherwise is a liability. I really expected more when I heard we signed a Costa Rican.

That's probably why I added him then 🤣

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I've really liked most of the Montreal guys who have been on loan in the CPL. Rea hasn't had the best results on paper, but he looks like a clear talent every time that he's on the pitch for Valour. Yao has also been really solid at the back for Cavalry, and I imagine he gets an MLS look sooner than later. Sirois has obviously been one of the best players in the league all season, hope he gets a chance at some minutes with the big club.


Garven Metusala at Forge looked very raw in his first few starts, but finally looks in his element. He seems more comfortable in a wingback-like role, but has looked decent filling a big hole in central defense with so many injuries.

Stefan Karajovanovic has to be the most unlucky player in the league so far this season. He has created a lot of opportunities on goal, with the second most shots on target in the league. Every other player in the top 6 in shots on target has at least 4 goals, yet Karajovanovic has somehow yet to finish even one.

Outside of domestic players, Alberto Soto has established himself as a difference maker over the last few matches.


As for a player how just switched clubs, Austin Ricci has had a few games where he has taken over and looks like a lethal attacker but has also had games where he's completely disappeared. 

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