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Match Thread: August 4, 2021 - Pacific v Valour

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I don't know what the rest of the team is doing, but the Valour back line has done a good job of keeping Pacific from turning all of its final third possession into anything too dangerous. And scoring a goal for good measure too.

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I'll take it.

Valour playing to play out the 1st half take an opportunity and lead 1-nil.  Bustos sort of disappears as the minutes add up and Pacific must be feeling a bit disappointed.  Had the majority of the ball, was wondering there for a bit if Pacific had pulled their 'keeper, had one solid chance and a couple of half chances while spending a ton of energy just to go down the tunnel down a goal.

Like I wrote, I'll take it.

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There it is!

Was wondering who Rocco was reminding me of.  Big, sorta clumbsey center half with a terrible hair cut.  Then he goes for a trot away from home to get an unnecessary yellow towards the touch line.

OMG.  It's Paul Fenwick 2.0.

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