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Olympics Gold Medal Final: Canada vs. Sweden - Friday, August 6th - Tokyo, Japan - 8 am Eastern / 5 am Pacific

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Too speechless to even say anything.

Never thought I would see it in my lifetime.

If you look at the resume of a few of our players this year we have a few serious Ballon d'Or candidates.

Tempted to mention some names like Labbe but everyone played a massive part in that and it's a team sport and you win or lose as a mental, physical and spiritual unit.

Couldn't happen to a nice group of people.


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Great performance. Weak first half, got into it second. Very good changes by Priestman at the half, as Beckie was not into playing and Quinn coughed it up for the goal. Brave coaching. Almost all individual performances very strong, I felt Rose was the only weak piece after the changes.

We had some strong phases, had possession, when we wanted we passed out as well as any team out there. 

Fleming, for me, WOTM. Labbé, great mentality.

@Gian-Luca @AvroArrowsorry to have bothered you, thanks for the dicks and balls nitpicking, now you can go back to your man caves.

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5 minutes ago, Gian-Luca said:

quality of play in this tournament which seemed to drop considerably from the 2019 World Cup IMO (maybe because fewer Euro teams were here)

I've been thinking the same thing, just didn't want to be the debbie downer that said it first 🤣

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They definitely had the never give up spirit.  Both in this match and against the US. Even when the play was against them which it was for long periods, they just kept going.  Everyone played their guts out. Lawrence was a beast, so was Gilles.  Grosso made a big difference when she came on. Price was our best player until subbed.  Great all round effort. 

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Gutty, determined and hard-fought performance. A testament to resilience and self-belief.  Our lads are showing this too. Part of Herdman's legacy? Certainly. But let's make this a trait of Canadian football going forward: gritty, never-say-die, well-organized, and tough-as-nails. 

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