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League1 Ontario Men's Premier Division 2021 Season

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Six weeks and I've attended 15 games and now seen all 15 League1 Ontario premier division teams at least once and have an interview with a head coach or assistant from each team. http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports21/21l1o000.htm
Thank you league, teams (players and staff), and game officials.
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14 hours ago, Rocket Robin said:

Result and details from the Saturday October 2, 2021 League1 Ontario game between 1812 FC Barrie and North Toronto Nitros played at Terry Fox Stadium in Brampton. 


North Toronto Nitros, their club house is just across the street from me in Eglinton Park, and is one of the youth clubs Ralph Priso played for. Nice to see them back in L1O. 

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