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Match Thread: July 31, 2021 - Edmonton v Valour

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12 hours ago, jonovision said:

"No big deal. All they're asking you to do is fill the shoes of the league's best player"

Based on the score line, I’ll take it he didn’t quite fill those shoes?

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16 minutes ago, grasshopper1917 said:

I have a feeling the standing might tighten up some with everyone back in their home stadiums.

I agree though I don't think Valour gained much of a competitive advantage from hosting the bubble. They lived in the same poor conditions as everyone else and played in the same empty stadium. Their record with fans (3W 2L) was worse than their record without fans (3W 0L). Their success early was largely predicated on luck (how many goals from PKs and corners?) and AJB being the clear best player in the league during his 7 games. He is out of the picture and luck evens out over time.

Final standings will probably be:

  1. Forge
  2. Pacific
  3. Cavalry
  4. York
  5. Halifax
  6. Ottawa
  7. Edmonton
  8. Valour
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