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GC: Canada vs Mexico - Thursday, July 29th, 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific - Houston TX

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6 minutes ago, dyslexic nam said:

Like I said, I think there are fair criticisms.  But for $75 over the course of a year, this is a no brainer.  And given the terrible streams we have used in past years (when they were even available) I will take it - warts and all.  

Price wise.  It’s not better,  if at all,  then the other ones I mentioned.  But you are right,  that we are getting a lot of events to watch.

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2 minutes ago, El Hombre said:

I just got super worried about our backline.  Doneil will be super amped based on the crowd and this is the biggest game Johnston and Miller will have ever played....

Yeah, it is a bit unnerving.  But it is what it is and it will be a great experience for them. 

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