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Olympics: Japan vs Canada - Wednesday July 21st - Sapporo, Japan - 6:30am Eastern / 3:30am Pacific

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Japan vs Canada
Wednesday July 21st 2021
Sapporo Dome
6:30am Eastern / 3:30am Pacific

Broadcast (TV):
CBC (main channel - if you have any TV channels, you certainly have this one!)

Broadcast (online):
https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1920593987570 (ENG)
https://ici.radio-canada.ca/jeux-olympiques/videos/epreuve/episodes/540311/soccer-femmes-tour-preliminaire-canada-c-japon (FR)




Sinclair's milestone 300th cap?

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Setting the alarm for this one! Not terribly early for me in the eastern time zone. Game starts when my alarm usually goes off. Just need to move it forward half an hour to get my morning routine done and snag the TV before my kids.

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Priestman played it safe and trotted out the old guard. It was a predictable lineup with a predictable result.

They played as if they're playing Japan before 40,000 rabid home supporters. Or their scouting was way off.

Beckie was part of the main 18 selected. She again flopped under the bright lights with bad corners and bad decision making. 

Fleming continues to favour recycling the attack rather than making a progressive pass. A lot of people fawn over her but she has a narrow skill set.

Priestman was way too conservative in throttling Lawrence & Chapman till the last 15. Though, she broke one barrier as I think this was the first time Sinclair was subbed off without being injured.

Never seen a player go through a range of emotions in such a short time span as Labbe. I don't think she should have started but Sheridan didn't really cover herself in glory on the goal.


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I missed the last 15 minutes or so, and the first 2 or 3. We had a lot of possession but mostly weren't threatening the goal. Should have scored at one point when the keeper was out of position but a pass was chosen instead of a shot from outside the box. I can't remember if that is the play that ended up in the scramble and an offside goal. I didn't see any replays of that but it looked offside to me live, I would like to see it again to imagine what would/could have happened if Beckie didn't poke it over the line from an offside position.

Not enough chance creation, but were solid at the back from what I saw. Sheridan looked to be off centre on the goal against, should have done better, but also well spotted and finished by the Japanese player. It could have been worse though. We could have lost 3-0 like another team did today.

We absolutely must beat Chile in the next game!

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Oh cool!  My account is still active.  The last time I logged in was during the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup.  I really should get a new user name but I like to live in the past (although not as much as the Canadian coach does).

We need to be more careful in not giving away penalty kicks.  No idea why Japan didn't delegate a person to take all their PK's like they used to when Aya Miyama was their captain and their PK taker.  Instead, the person who got fouled (Tanaka, I think) was the person who took it.  Good for her for stepping up, but I would not have selected a young player to take a penalty.  Japan could have won this game.

Hope Canada can score more against Chile.  I'll be waking up early again.

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3 hours ago, Gian-Luca said:

I am surprised he has time to do the play by play, I thought he was busy writing his book “How to Make Soccer Sound Boring in 10 Easy Steps”.

Clare Rustad was good at least 

Ya that’s the thing about him he puts me too sleep , but ya love Clare she is very good and seems very knowledgeable too.

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I watched the game on PVR and I am still not clear why Becky’s goal was deemed offside.   I paused it and went back over it and it never looked like she was on an offside position when the original ball was played or when the second ball came through to her.  At the very least, we should have been screaming for a VAR review.  Maybe I am missing something obvious but it really looked like a good goal to me.  

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16 minutes ago, SoccMan said:

Ya that’s the thing about him he puts me too sleep , but ya love Clare she is very good and seems very knowledgeable too.

My favourite bit from the commentary was this bit of dialogue:

Reed: "Canada would be up 2-0 were it not for the offside flag"

Rustad: "You mean if it wasn't for the rules? Yeah, it's funny how they keep getting in the way."

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