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Match Thread: July 21, 2021 - Edmonton v HFX Wanderers

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^ Yes.  And was duly mentioned on the broadcast to-boot.

Not much to choose from between them, honestly it will take a better mind than mine, and we all know there are PLENTY of those around, to scheme a way for either of these sides into the playoffs.  You never know I guess but I haven't seen it yet and this Kickoff is nearly done.

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Well, HFX sort of faded out of that match as the 2nd half got on.  Poor start to the season for Wanderers, shades of 2019, hopefully.  Otherwise it's going to be a long season on the east coast.

Someone needs to get the HFX players into the locker room and have a real heart to hearts.  The opposition penalty area isn't radioactive.  There's plenty of toxic geography in Winnipeg, it's an industrial city going way back, but IG Field isn't one of those places.  So go there.


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Still time for the Wanderers to turn it around and it may depend on their games against Atletico and York as they will face them quite a bit in August, September, and October; however, they look a shell of the team that got to the final last year. 

Sadly it looks like Karajovanovic is the new Skublak and Garcia hasn't gotten the service.


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