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GC: Canada vs The USA - Sunday, July 18th, 5pm Eastern / 2pm Pacific - Kansas City

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30 minutes ago, Kadenge said:

Regardless of who starts, I want to see max intensity and effort from our guys in this game.  There are no easy games going forward. Now is the time to ramp it up.

I tend to agree. If this tourney is not meant to prep our guys for the intensity that will be the Octo then what really is the point? Playing to not get injured or to park the bus and hopefully eke out a draw does next to nothing for us imo. Yes, we should have our eye on the next game (and winning this tourney in general) but what if, god forbid, we lose that game? What then did we learn during our one and only chance to play the US before the Octo? To play it safe and not get yellows? To not take risks for the off chance of a random injury? Our defence surely needs some tweaking. It will need to be ready to hold the fort in the Octo when, inevitably, we will be staving off the hard hitting attacks of Mexico/US (and Costa Rica and Jamaica...sheesh), and getting new guys in the mix is always a good thing. I just have a hard time seeing this nationally televised, sold out game as being the time to be okay with just getting by. Discuss?

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12 hours ago, xabuep2 said:

Well, it seems that Herdman will not play the derby that we all expect against the Yankees. He will be more focused on the quarterfinals.
And I expected a beating to the neighbors to the south. I hope it doesn't happen the other way around. 


He also said it’s important to the players to win the game and they want to finish top of the group. I think he’ll be very conservative with players that already have a card. My guess is rest won’t be a huge concern for him since there’s a week before the next game, but the yellow card situation will play a big factor. It really is a shame that the ref in the first match put us in this position to begin with.

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Expecting some squad rotation for this but not a huge amount. Something like this - hoping Vitoria in particular gets a rest for reasons mentioned earlier, plus Kaye as a sub due to the yellow he's on. Johnston will have to be careful but I think he's important enough for us as an RCB that he should still start







Bring Junior on for Larin at HT to give him a bit of a breather and bring Tajon on at some point in the second half to strike the fear of god into whichever fullback is unlucky enough to play for the US today

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2 hours ago, Olympique_de_Marseille said:

No. Wheeler has stated he'd be out for the full group stage.

This is a bit of a joke...what are the chances of seeing him in the knock outs if he hasn't even trained with the squad? He should have been replaced. 

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13 hours ago, SpursFlu said:

I'm just saying if its all on the up and up I think its a safe expectation that Mexico wins

"My bad, 


No idea why or how it quoted that. Was trying to quote the Man United scouts at the US game. "


And then they were like Oh man this Buchanan kid.... where did he come from! :)

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11 minutes ago, ADP10 said:

I’d be pretty disappointed if we can’t snag a draw against the USA B- team away if we are being optimistic about qualifying for the World Cup

Normally I would agree.  But we will be without Davies, David, Eustaquio, and Kennedy (who I now consider a top choice CB) - plus whoever is rotated out for tonight’s game.  

I will be disappointed with less than a draw too - but I won’t be shocked if that is what happens.  

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10 minutes ago, N1ckbr0wn said:

Hmmmmm are we about to see Junior as a 10???? I like it very much 

Yes, trying to figure how they will lineup it looks like Hoilett will be in the middle supporting Akinola and Larin up front, Piette and Fraser further back as maybe a double pivot with Laryea and Buchanan on the flanks!

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