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GC: Canada vs The USA - Sunday, July 18th, 5pm Eastern / 2pm Pacific - Kansas City

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1 minute ago, DavemTFC said:

Genuine comedy gold by wheeler there. Was also clearly not a pen lol

Those are the moments that will forever prevent anyone from taking him seriously. Ugh, so cringe

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Well, on the bright side:

- we showed we can play with the US. First 20 seconds aside, there was nothing in this game that should make the boys feel like they can’t get a result in WCQ.  If anything this is probably a confidence builder knowing that they were in it until the final whistle.  

- we didn’t get any yellows despite being forced into playing a number of guys with one already. 

- we are into the QF and should be pretty primed to play next weekend.  Not sure about Ayo, but I suspect we will have everyone else available. 

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