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U-Sports + NCAA Canadians 2021

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  • 2 months later...

Midseason top drawer rankings for NCAA college kids.  Figured this probably deserves a bump as the CMNT has been getting plenty of NCAA player making a big impact (Buchanon, Johnston, Miller, Lareya, Larin)

Upperclassmen #23 K.Heibert, D MissSt, #45 D. Kerr, F Syracuse, #61 N. DosSantos, D marshall, #70 Ovante Mullings, F FGCU. 

Freshmen #54, Malyk Henry, Akron, M only one on the list.  

NCAA is such a crap shoot, but we have been getting some nuggets out of there, so I guess it pays to see who is coming along.  Same deal as last year..maybe a couple guys get drafted..???  Hard to say who might turn into the next Miller or Johnston, but Heibert has been a stud for a long time down there, and he is a CB/DM.  Might just be what the doctor ordered.  

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