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Match Thread: July 13, 2021 - HFX Wanderers v Pacific

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5 hours ago, narduch said:

It's basically going to be like this until November 

One of those whoever stays healthiest, wins, seasons. I think results are going to continue to be all over the map as managers choose when to rest players

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As entertaining a 0-0 as you will get. Halifax slowly starting to look like they did last season. Karajovanovic looks like he could be a great player at this level. If one finally goes in I think he will score a few.

Bassett is such a class player at this level too. Fun to watch.

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Oxner with a couple of solid saves, otherwise a lot of chances never evolved to there best potential (at both ends of the park) tonight as movements just sort of ended up stumbling at the final hurdle.

Can't score, can't win.  It'll be two a week for a long while yet.  Teams have got to get a working plan for this marathon or it could be a longer season very fast.

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