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WCQ: Canada vs Haiti - In-Match Thread

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4 minutes ago, ag futbol said:

For taking money in a brown paper bag? I feel sorry for his teammates 

Honestly first thing that went through my head. I almost hope so because the alternative has gotta be devastating for the player. 

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1 minute ago, trc2014 said:

Honestly career ending

Maybe for the National Team. I'm sure his club play will be fine. He's been fantastic outside that awful misplay.

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2 minutes ago, king1010 said:

If the keeper was trying to throw the game he wouldnt give up a goal like that making it so obvious. Give me a break

I watched Canada beat Guatemala 5-1 in Olympic qualifying. The form was odd for the opposition because they otherwise played well that tournament. Low and behold, they threw the game to push Mexico out of the tournament. 

Watching this guy duff a goal is nothing. 

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