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WCQ: Haiti vs Canada - In-Match Thread

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Just now, Senorpopps said:

I don't know why we are expecting this to be a walk-over - Haiti are a decent and very athletic team and we are playing in an effing cauldron on poor turf and even poorer reffing. Let's keep this 1-0 and go back to the continent with the advantage ...

Absolutely.  Even Mexico would struggle in Haiti.

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1 minute ago, El Hombre said:

Anyone else bothered by the inconsistent font use on the back of the Haiti shirts?  Whether its a single digit number or a double digit, the font should be the same.

Just be happy that tarp corner got sorted.


Edit: Disregard. Appears the tarp is now on both corners.

Edited by Varsity Tyler
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Just now, devioustrevor said:

There is no urgency in attack.  When we get turnovers in the middle third, we are passing to our defenders or Borjan instead of going forward.

Needs to be more direct. We’re trying to be too intricate. 

half their CB tandem is playing in the CPL. We need to make them make plays, put them under pressure 

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