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WCQ: Canada vs Suriname - In-Match Thread

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5 minutes ago, apbsmith said:

Agreed, I'm not blaming Oso at all, lad hasnt even had minutes.  

Really missing Arfield/Hutch in the midfield here like most predicted. 

Naw man, the middle is fine. Other than Osorios match fitness.

It’s just as we see...Davies just needs to be higher up.

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10 minutes ago, Cheeta said:

Eustaquio...yeah.... actually a handicap in too an important part of the pitch do far.  Don't know what the Hell.

Are you watching the same game I am?    He hasn't been great, but no-one has been really.

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Wheeler could be a good commentator if he wasn't such a homer. 

But he's not the worst I've heard cause at least he calls some action unlike Buck Martinez for the Jays.

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