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WCQ: Canada vs Suriname - Tuesday, June 8th, 9:05pm Eastern/6:05pm Pacific - SeatGeek Stadium, Chicago

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On 6/7/2021 at 2:37 PM, BrennanFan said:

Really good, balanced insight into the Suriname squad here:



I didn't find it balanced at all, every time the Suriname dude giggled and laughed at the mention of some of the Canadian players was so annoying

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5 hours ago, BradMack said:

For all the hate OneSoccer gets, I absolutely love that they bring in guys like Humey, Edgar, etc. Honestly with Forrest, KJ, Sharmen, Dunfield, Humey, Edgar, hell even Wheeler and Larson, it's like a weird Canada soccer fever dream subscription service I would never have thought would happen. As a 26 year old, it is like every tv personality from my whole life of watching Canadian soccer is employed there, sans Dobson and De Vos. 

Basically what you're saying: Canada soccer version of the Friends reunion. 

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Canada wins 4-0 against Suriname. That ought to shut those Surinamese fans up especially since Canada we won our group and we did it quite dominantly and decisively. Scoring the most goals out of any team in that group and whilst only giving up 1 goal in that group. Now we go on to face Haiti in the 2 leg playoff starting on Saturday when we have to travel to Haiti.

Either way I'm excited. We have a chance at redemption especially after what happened 2 years ago in the Gold Cup when Haiti beat us.

I tip my hat to Suriname. Gave us quite the scare. Suriname I can honestly say 2026 they could be a team that qualifies out of CONCACAF.

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