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WCQ: Aruba vs Canada - Saturday, June 5th, 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific - IMG Academy, FL

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2 minutes ago, SpursFlu said:

I'm cheering for Nicaragua because I think it would be beneficial to get our guys experience playing in that Central American atmosphere 

That atmosphere yesterday was pretty nuts 

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15 hours ago, lamptern said:


The only suggest I'd have is to use a full strength back line for gelling them before Tuesday. 

That's why the reported backline of Adekugbe-Kennedy-Sturing-Johnston doesn't make sense for tonight. Especially without Borjan behind them. I'm not saying the result will change but we should think about where we are going to be when(fine IF) we have to play Mexico, USA, CR, Jamaica. At CB maybe we'd be best to go Kennedy LCB & Henry RCB and the sooner we start that pairing the more familiarity there will be. I guess we could continue with Vitoria, but I think the ceilings may be higher on Kennedy & Henry(of course the know with Kennedy is experience & Henry makes grevious errors from time to time). 

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Posted (edited)
4 minutes ago, SpursFlu said:

El Tanque...

It's funny to me that the guys call Sturing "Frank the tank". Guess the team has two tanks! All guns blazin'!

23 minutes ago, shorty said:

Does Cava start today?

He should be good for a goal or 3. :)


I wonder if Piette (our most capped player!) gets the armband?

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1 hour ago, lamptern said:


2 more hours to go.

I'm heading to the basement again.

What are you doing in the basement? I mean, are you digging a second basement?

I guess I am thinking about this story out of Spain this week.


If we don't make the Octogon my summer is going to be spent in this way.

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Just now, Floortom said:

Osorio not even on the bench.

wonder what this means for the midfield on Tuesday - Piette, eustaqiuo and ....

Also Henry.

ZBG added from the taxi squad 


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Wow, wasn't expecting that, but Hoilett as captain makes sense(thought it would be Piette but he's being spared for Suriname).

So Tajon is playing RB? Don't we already have Johnston and Laryea??

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Just now, dyslexic nam said:

With Cav starting, I assume this means Larin and David leading the attack against Suriname with Cav there for sub firepower.  

Exactly. Saw this coming. Did not see that backline. With Tajon they must be attacking fbs... How else do they not play Laryea OR Johnston?!

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