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Potential Gold Cup Roster (Board Proposals)


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5 minutes ago, archer21 said:

I’m sure they could beat Panama with those guys but it’s too late for that. I agree it can be a domino effect but it’s hard to get the first domino to fall. Why would any of them want to fly across the ocean to play in these competitions? Are any of them born in Barbados or have a serious connection to them? It’s difficult to convince players with tenuous ties to join up. We wouldn’t have convinced Arfield to join if we didn’t have a foundation of solid/promising players already. We could sell the dream of a World Cup. That’s a tough sell for Barbados right now.

I agree 💯, honestly I think Barbados  Federation F*** the dog and are really stupid. They had a solid Chance against Panama if they were able to get Nick Blackman and Hope and just like 2-3 dual nations they would have won vs Panama ( they only lost 1-0 in a late goal with a nobody squad). If they won or drew vs Panama they had a shot to win the group and move on where anything can happen. 

Now basically it’s making the Gold Cup for them. 

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