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COQ | Match Thread: Mexico U24 vs Canada U24 | March 28 @ 9:00pm Eastern 6:00pm Pacific

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My ratings of the players from this tourney.  Pantemis. Great shot stopper.  Very confident in the box. And a good distributor including with his feat.  Just needs to cut down on the bonehead plays

Godinho has legit been a baller all tourney. Calm, confident, courageous. So great to see him redeemed in the eyes of CanSoc fans.  Him, Norman, Pantemis and maybe even Tabla at times have been my

Lots of positives.  A lot of them are structural rather than individual. 1) Biello has professional experience.  Not often we have a U23 coach with any type of experience. 2) Our "B team" ha

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We did quite well that half, a gutsy performance, we need to cut out as many errors as possible because really their best chances have come from that and not really just carving us open, good on the lads to be so competitive, who knows what can happen in the 2nd half?

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1 minute ago, nolando said:

Now if he could just pass occasionally...

I mean he is often on an island. However, it only needs one magical play between him and Dias. I see Bair coming in as well and maybe he could find one on a set piece. 

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Wow that was better than expected. A few random thoughts.

I got the feeling early on that Brym was told not really to pressure the defenders. If they want to play with it back there, let them. Hopefully, saves his legs for a big run.

Tajon is ok. I dobt know if he is the superstar everyone thinks, but he is the most likely to get a nice goal. (But if we score I expect it to be a squaker/broken play)

Hopefully Norman gets some more experience playing CB this year for Cavalry. Has alot of potential there.

I predict Pantemis will be Montreals opening day starter. Guy is a beast.

Baldisimos main skill is playing out good passes. If he's not doing that well, he doesn't have much use.


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