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COQ | Match Thread: Canada U23 vs Haiti U23 | March 22 @ 6:00pm EST

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Highlights from FS1 commentators so far, showing they have not scouted us at all:

- They keep calling Bair "BLAIR" and referring to his aerial presence(I know he's tall but is he our primary target in the air, I hope not because he misses quite a bit considering how tall he is).

-They keep asking for Dias to be subbed on because of what a high impact he had last game. I'm hyped for Dias but he (understandably) didn't do much for us. I think he will have more impact as the tournament goes on though(maybe that's what they're thinking too).

-They said Tajon is a big part of our world cup qualifying plans(again, I don't hate the hype, but he can't get in our 11, maybe not even our 18). Seriously, I understand he is a top guy in this tournament, but he's a couple years from playing for us imho.

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16 minutes ago, Aird25 said:

If that pass to Bair had come a split second earlier he would have been through on goal after some quick passing up the middle. The other offside call on Buchanan when he was through also resulted from some quick passing up the 

17 minutes ago, sebdeserio said:

Haiti aren't defending well we're just making it easy for them. Passes to the middle from the wings are almost always available and the few that have been attempted were successful. Just have to put a bit more thought in the build-up.


I think these guys can be exposed with a little more consistent movement up top. 

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2 minutes ago, spitfire said:

TB is better on the wing with more space running at players. Need to isolate him 1v1 ...anyways just my opinion... 

Need to balance the attack...they are expecting him to go 1v1 so are overloading the side.

it’s reminds me of how teams were defending us at the u17 World Cup with Nelson.

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