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Tokyo Olympics

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The draw is on Wednesday, April 21st at 4am Eastern / 1am Pacific.
I won't be watching live!

Match #2 of 
China vs South Korea
Cameroon vs Chile 
are both this upcomming Tuesday. By Tuesday afternoon we will know the field.

The new rankings come out on Friday, April 16th. Those are the ones that will be used.

If we use current rankings (Dec 2020) it would be:

Japan (host)
Team GB
China / South Korea
New Zealand
Chile / Cameroon

With those draw procedures, based on current rankings, The Netherlands would need to face Australia (the only non-European team in Pot #2).

Pia Sundhage decided to have a training camp during this current window for the Brazil Team without any actual matches.

This might actually pay off because because Australia just lost to Germany in a friendly and if they lose to The Netherlands too, I'm pretty sure Brazil will overtake them and be in Pot 2.

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A lot of huge matches today!

China breaks South Korean hearts in overtime to qualify with a goal at the 105th.
Chile holds on to beat Cameroon.
The field is set.
New rankings are out on Friday and the draw is Wednesday next week.

In today's friendlies,
Sweden beats Poland
The Netherlands smash 5 goals past Autralia (I think this will help Brazil leap frog past them in the rankings)

In EURO qualifying
Switzerland beats the Czech team on penalties to break their hearts and qualify for the Euro.
Russia beats Portugal to qualify once again.
Northern Ireland beats Ukraine to qualify for their first major tournament!

That Czech team, despite the loss, would make for a great friendly opponent in June. I don't think we've ever played that nation + the US hasn't played them in over 20 years.
We should team up to invite them to North America as we have done in the past with other teams (like we were going to do in April last year vs Australia).

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1 hour ago, The Ref said:

A little bit of help here.  How many women players can be taken to the Tokyo Olympics and of those how many must be goalkeepers?  Thanks.

I think they said on the broadcast today it's 18 players. I didn't hear them mention keepers though.

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New rankings are here:

Update on the Pots here:

Brazil did leapfrog Australia!
We are in a Pot with 2 AFC teams.

"The general principle for each tournament’s draw is to ensure that no group has more than one team from the same confederation."

If the above is applied then:
Brazil, as the only non-UEFA team in Pot 2, must be in the same group as the Netherlands.
Canada as the only, non-AFC team in Pot 3, must be in the same group as Japan.

Group E
Sweden or Team GB
½ Chile or ¼ New Zealand or ¼ Zambia

Group ?
Sweden or Team GB
China or Australia
½ Chile or ¼ New Zealand / ¼ Zambia

Group ?
The Netherlands
China or Australia
New Zealand or Zambia

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Also assuming "The general principle for each tournament’s draw is to ensure that no group has more than one team from the same confederation.",
because we would be in Group E we already know some of our schedule

Wednesday July 21st
3:30am Eastern / 12:30am Pacific
6:30am Eastern / 3:30am Pacific
Sapporo Dome

Saturday July 24th
3:30am Eastern / 12:30am Pacific
6:30am Eastern / 3:30am Pacific
Sapporo Dome

Tuesday July 27th
7:00am Eastern / 4:00am Pacific
Rifu or Kashima

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Brazil will be based in Portland in the USA for 21 days before flying out to Japan.


New Zealand is not sure if they will play any games before the actually Olympics!




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On 4/13/2021 at 4:47 PM, Olympique_de_Marseille said:

That Czech team, despite the loss, would make for a great friendly opponent in June. I don't think we've ever played that nation....

I'm very happy with this choice of opponent.

I thought that if we played them it would be in the USA, but Spain is cool!

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Here is the roster: Huitema and Schmidt are cut but will go as alternates along with McLeod and Carle. Too may bad passes Sophie. Carle and Huitema should improve and be back. It is only the Olympics and not the big one being the World Cup. A short tough tournament but without France Germany and Spain not competing at least a bronze I expect.

GK- Stephanie Labbé | SWE / FC Rosengård
GK- Kailen Sheridan | USA / NJ/NY Gotham FC
CB- Kadeisha Buchanan | FRA / FCF Olympique Lyonnais
CB- Vanessa Gilles | FRA / FC Girondins de Bordeaux
CB- Shelina Zadorsky | ENG / Tottenham Hotspur
FB- Allysha Chapman | USA / Houston Dash
FB- Ashley Lawrence | FRA / Paris Saint-Germain
FB- Jayde Riviere | USA / University of Michigan
M- Jessie Fleming | ENG / Chelsea FC
M- Julia Grosso | CAN / University of Texas at Austin
M- Quinn | USA / OL Reign
M- Desiree Scott | USA / Kansas City NWSL
F- Janine Beckie | ENG / Manchester City FC
F- Adriana Leon | ENG / West Ham United FC
F- Nichelle Prince | USA / Houston Dash
F- Deanne Rose | USA / University of Florida
F- Christine Sinclair | USA / Portland Thorns FC
F- Evelyne Viens | USA / NJ/NY Gotham FC

GK- Erin McLeod | USA / Orlando Pride
FB- Gabrielle Carle | USA / Florida State University
M- Sophie Schmidt | USA / Houston Dash
F- Jordyn Huitema | FRA / Paris Saint-Germain

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Seem to remember something saying alternates travel and train with the team. Oh sorry, did I go in too hard in training? Your leg is broken? So sad, I wonder who is the alternate?

Sorry but I can't see university players having anywhere near the value add of an almost fifteen year pro or a player who one of the best teams in the world is confident putting on the field in the last 15-20 to try and win a game. Picking players in school is disrespectful to the craft and trade of professional players. When you make selections like this you lose all credibility talking about the value of professionalism of the women's game. Put kids in school on the field in professional situations over the course of a season and see how much you like them, let alone intense situations like this will be.

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If you're talking about Grosso for Schmidt, I don't think one is a swap for the other.  Grosso usually replaces Scott as defensive midfielder.  Given Scott's age, I think she needs a like-for-like replacement towards the end of most games now.

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Posted (edited)

It wasn't about anyone in particular, just an observation. I've always been a huge fan of Desiree Scott's but during the friendlies it was pretty hard not to notice immediately that her touch was extremely off. She always had a very high pass completion rate because she 'destroyed' and then only passed short. I think if anyone tracked her stats including turnovers there would have been a big difference to the past. She's two years younger than Rapinoe and playing in a holding role, she should be fine to go 90 if her fitness is up. If it isn't that's frankly unacceptable but the alternative would be as you say sharing the role or skipping matches.

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On 4/21/2021 at 5:11 AM, narduch said:


Looking at our group...with our women our group looks pretty favorable. We have the Japanese and they are probably our toughest opponents. With the UK, I mean we can definitely beat them. We can definitely beat Chile. 

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July 21 - Japan - 7:30pm local, 6:30am EDT, 3:30am PDT
July 24 - Chile - 4:30pm local, 3:30am local, 12:30am PDT
July 27 - Team GB - 8:00pm local, 6:00am EDT, 3:00am PDT

Tough times for viewing.

The Japanese have been soft the past couple years and are area codes away from the heavyweight material of the USA and the Netherlands in the other two groups.

With GB it depends on the day, we roll back and forth with them.

Chile play tight games with everyone and tied Germany 0-0 a couple weeks ago. 

Coming third in group means a date with the USA who we play more than anyone and have not beat in 20+ years.

We are ranked above Japan and could steal points as they'll be under a world of pressure playing at home on opening day.

The WSL has made Team GB pretty formidable but they are in coaching transition and could either come out like a lion or a lamb.

Chile is going to cause someone a headache, let's pray it's not us.

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