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Noah Kenshin Browne

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No credit for uncovering this curious and seemingly Canadian-born and eligible player now playing professionally in Japan at J2 side Mito Hollyhock. He's been featuring in the weekly updates but doesn't yet seem to have his own personal thread.

He looks to be a tall (189 cm) CF-type striker who has played in youth national teams as a U15- U17 for Japan and whose father is apparently a highly-regarded linguistics professor originally from Boston, likely making him eligible for all three nations. He will be twenty- years-old this May, as he is a 2001 born.

The Japanese-language J-League site confirms he is born in Canada: https://data.j-league.or.jp/SFIX04/?player_id=32428

Pretty active on IG: https://instagram.com/noah_browne_17?igshid=14qf7k290g98o

He's got a bit of Issey about him style-wise and looks like a Rob Friend kind of player.

I'm guessing he was born in Canada while his father was instructing at a Canadian university or something, but that's just speculation. By the look of things he could be best described as a Canadian-born American-Japanese. 

One to keep an eye on, for sure.


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