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WCQ: Cayman Islands vs Canada - Monday, March 29th 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific - IMG Academy Florida

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23 hours ago, dyslexic nam said:

Damn.  That is good money.  I may need to sign up somewhere.  What would be one or two of the more reputable sites? 

Playnow.com is the regulated site in Canada, if not Bet365 or Bodog are easy offshore options 

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21 hours ago, Tyson M said:

Politely disagree. This actually is the time to f around so to speak. Goal differential should only come into play if we plan on a draw vs Suriname. If we do that, I'm not sure we deserve a spot in the world cup to be honest.(don't get me wrong because I do believe Suriname is by far the next best team in this group of qualifying). The argument to mess around with the lineup would be to evaluate players and try things out(maybe even cap a player or two) while the competition is not so difficult(hence why Hutch has gone home). 

I am curious as to which players have been promised time and how Herdman plans to sort all that out. Here is my list of players who will likely play(even though they aren't necessarily the BEST player in their position that is at the game).

GK- Many have said St Clair and I believe that. Crepeau is also a possibility, but someone mentioned Borjan won't even be there so... I suspect Herdman plans to cap St Clair if he has looked good(and not too out of season) in training. Crepeau is the other option but he is also out of season. 

CB- Ferreira has to play. Obviously he won't be match fit, so can't do a whole game, but I suspect he was promised minutes to showcase himself and get signed somewhere(anywhere really) and sitting on the bench or even coming on as a late sub doesn't help him with that. I would say he's gonna play no matter what because we'll want to cap him(even with one time switch rules, we have no idea what changes FIFA is going to do in the future). Also at CB I would think Sturring didn't fly over from the Netherlands to train. Hoping they didn't promise him anything because a pairing of Sturring and Ferreira seems adventurous, even if it is only the Caymans. What it would leave us with is 0 caps between the starting GK and both center backs. I think likely Ferreira and Miller start the game with Sturring coming on for Ferreira around the 60 minute mark.

RB- Johnston I think starts and plays 60 to get more minutes with national team, with Laryea subbing in late and attacking tired legs. I understand the Laryea is a much better attacker but maybe there is something to be said for Allastair over Richie if the CBs are inexperienced... of course that leaves us very inexperienced in the entire back half of the lineup. It's a toss up so maybe Laryea starts then Johnston comes on late or at half.

Mids- I can see Kaye getting the nod here. I know he's out of season but I don't think he came to be sat on the bench for another complete game. I say Kaye plays the majority of the game, Piette subs him out.

Striker- Of course we're all going gaga over Corbeanu, there's alot to love. Still I'm not sure he gets the nod. Look for him to come on late as well. I think Cavalini gets another crack inspite of his many missed opportunities.


Anyone else have thoughts on who else might have been promised time? Or anyone who you think Herdman is leaning towards giving a chance vs minnows?

Hey CSA play some bloody friendlies where you can experiment all you want that’s my take on this . Moreover, going into that Surinam game don’t want to start the game knowing that a tie would not be good enough. It’s just one game anything can happen in one game when your opponent is a decent team, any advantage going into that last game against Surinam I’ll take , this  is Canada remember and the Haiti game was not that long ago.

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We need to pound CI by about 10-0 and put goal differential out of play in the final game. Start a very similar line up and if/when we are up 5,6 to nothing at half then we can sub in 4 or 5 guys so players get an opportunity and we have fresh legs to run at defenders and score another bagful in the second half.  It’s game day boys!!

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Really looking forward to this one today. Pedal to the metal. Let's see the scoreline we should have had vs. Bermuda. I really want Cavallini to score multiple goals so that he gets his confidence back.

Anything +6 or better gets us 1st in the group on goal differential heading into June. Let's get it. Secure the goal differential lead today and then increase it even more in June against Aruba.

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The good thing of the group schdule is that we always know how many goals we need to be at the upper hand on the GD contest. - The importance of being a seeded team.

If I were Herdman, I would use this opportunity for a pressure test. I'd say : Team, let's assume we are 0:6 at time of kick off, can you win this game in 90mins?

The experience of pressure could be a huge factor in Haiti games and Octa.



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Thankfully it doesn't seem like any of our players have tested positive, not playing this match hurts us big time in goal differintial as well as not getting the team gelling together after just one match in forever, further down the list this has ruined my afternoon of watching football, tonight's match isn't quite as appealing! 

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