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WCQ: Canada vs Bermuda - March 25th 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific - Orlando FL

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2 minutes ago, dyslexic nam said:

Well, I have to say we look pretty rusty. No surprise I guess but it isn’t the beautiful game yet.  

Maybe not beautiful, but at least we look like the better team. Its a low bar, but that's all I need right now!

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1 minute ago, dyslexic nam said:

Weird to see Davies taking all of our set piece deliveries.  

I think Hoilett would be a better option, but see if Davies can provide some magic.  Goal!!  I stand corrected 

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Great header by Larin. Great service by Davies.

Right off the training ground. 

Congrats to Larin and his form. 

Header was angled so smooth and perfect only Atiba, Larin and Davies knew it was Larin who scored at first. 

Let's get the flood gates going boys. 

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