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As a whole country, we need to cease with the bullshit 'we're too manly to do the smart things when preserving a lead' attitude. There's no shame in drawing fouls, taking your time on goal kicks,

Well, this is some kind of conundrum. If TFC start giving big minutes to young, Canadian players, it'll be harder to loathe them as much as I have for the past 15 years. 😕

It’s like I’m watching a repeat of the 2007 gold cup semi finals

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Yeah this was maybe the biggest two leg win against Mexican opposition in MLS history given the injuries TFC had and no home game(!).

Really impressive and a great foundation for the young players to build off. Griffin Dorsey though? Can’t believe he’s still around. 

Bradley and Laryea looked great out there. Really stepped up. De Leon though? Yikes not a good performance.

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