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As a whole country, we need to cease with the bullshit 'we're too manly to do the smart things when preserving a lead' attitude. There's no shame in drawing fouls, taking your time on goal kicks,

Well, this is some kind of conundrum. If TFC start giving big minutes to young, Canadian players, it'll be harder to loathe them as much as I have for the past 15 years. 😕

It’s like I’m watching a repeat of the 2007 gold cup semi finals

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Way too many changes, a lot of hands on the knees. 

Altidore non existent, should’ve started Mullins.

Zavaleta is ...well...Zavaleta. Paired with Omar, he’s even worse. Should’ve started Singh.


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TFC's right side has been atrocious tonight so far, especially the right side of the defense. Badly missing Laryea. Need to pray for some more luck in the 2nd half and then hope that Pozuelo, the new DP, Mavinga will be back along with Laryea in the 2nd leg.

Nowhere near good enough from Altidore, better to get Ayo out there in the 2nd half. Not sure what to do about the right side of the field in the 2nd half with the options they have tonight.

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Just now, Big_M said:

wouldnt be surprised if shaffelburg comes off with akinola and endoh available

Shaffelburg hasnt been good, but not too many other than Auro and Priso for me.

Altidore will be subbed for Mullins...he can’t play a full 65-70.

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TFC haven't posed any threat on the right, only do so from the left largely thanks to Shaffelburg and you guys want to take him off? It's the right side of the field for TFC that hasn't produced any threats and where all the goals against (including the disallowed ones have come from), that's what they need to fix in both directions.

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