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Forge FC Season Thread 2021

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Good on The Caretaker, this is absolute bullshit and those responsible need to be called out for it!

I agree. But will say, I think Dominic Samuel is underrated. I've been really impressed with his versatility, especially for his size. Before Edgar arrived he was preferred over Krutzen in the CB role


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19 minutes ago, gator said:

Forge seem to have most of the core coming back sans Edgar, I think besides replacing Edgar another striker is needed, I am also wondering if there is enough youth on the team to fulfill the increased required minutes!

If they re-sign Mohsen and Maan and sign their draft pick Metusala they will have the minimum of 3.  Maybe they bring in a U21 loanee from TFC to insure playing the U21s doesn't have a negative competitive impact.

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