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Atletico Ottawa Season Thread 2021


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On 2/26/2021 at 11:57 PM, scooterlawrence5 said:

Not good if Ottawa struggles.  Let's remember that Atletico Madrid is backing them.  We want Atletico to be "very delighted" with their CPL investment so that it attracts $$$ from other HUGE European clubs.

Well as we’ve seen they’re looking for the next Jonathan David, and I’d imagine they’ll find him through their partners soon. The reality is when they find a youth player whom they like he’s going to bypass Ottawa almost all together. I would expect they’ll bring X player to Spain right away. If it wasn’t for covid we may have soon a few loans from their other clubs.

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6 hours ago, narduch said:

Well that's one way to get around the Ontario government not letting you train.

Madrid also happens to be a big European party city these months, as the regional government lets the foreigners come in in droves. They have the worst Covid rates in Spain and a nutty lady running things in the Madrid Community who things she's the reincarnation of that carrot top who chained himself to the White House fence blubbering.

So it is totally cavalier, the kids better be careful as something like 40% of Spanish cases are there, and it is like 17% of the population. The training centre is in the south-west. They'll be lucky enough to get to watch a few matches I suppose. I won't get there as we are not supposed to leave our region without cause.

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On 3/10/2021 at 1:23 PM, Ansem said:

No one will point out that another player is leaving USL for CPL



Guys at this point will choose what they think is the best situation for themselves, its not a pissing contest. If someone thinks signing with the Pittsburgh Riverhounds or if its Valour FC, wherever they see the best fit is. 

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A few key points for the non-French speakers among us: 

  • Expecting to have 16-20 players signed by the end of the training camp (3-4 weeks from now)
  • A lot of effort has gone into scouting and building the right team after losing players like Fisk and Acuna
  • On the subject of a start date for the CPL season: "If we're going to the trouble of getting our players together in Spain, it's because we've had some good news telling us we have good reason to move forward" - Fernando Lopez
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