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CPL with Canadian MLS Clubs Gedankenexperiment

Initial B

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Rather than cluttering up the Pro-Rel thread, I thought I'd create a new thread as I was thinking up this thought experiment:

Let's say that prior to WC2026, CPL has improved to the point where the salary cap is now around $2million CAD. CONCACAF then rules that the Canadian MLS teams must join the CPL starting in 2027. However, the 3 MLS clubs are either exempt from the Salary Cap or the CPL salary cap is abolished. What would be the short-term (1-5 years) and long-term (10-20 years) effects of that decision?

Things to consider:

  • Effect on parity
  • Effect on quality
  • Possible lawsuits by various parties
  • Canadian player/infrastructure development
  • Club viability
  • Supporter/Fan Culture
  • Media contracts and Canadian Soccer Business (CSB)
  • Public awareness
  • FIFA/CONCACAF influence

Let me know if anyone thinks there are other factors that I'm missing and I'll add them to this list. Honestly, I haven't given this as much thought as maybe I should considering how much I this "this can/can't happen because of <X>." Still, we probably have a fair bit of expertise in various fields in this forum that we might be able to put out something comparable to the Easton Report. 😉

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