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Match Thread: Island Games - August 15, 2020 - York 9 v Atletico Ottawa

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1 minute ago, Sébastien said:

He was already on a yellow - This challenge didn't seem like a yellow to me, but you have to be more careful when nursing a two goal lead and you've already been booked.

I didn't realize it was a second yellow. Thanks. A little harsh, I think, but yeah, he definitely needed to be careful.

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I think Jimmy played it too safe here with his lineups. A very similar lineup to last years.

Vasconcelos disappointed me. Hope this isn't the best he can give otherwise we may have signed a dud. Ingham was also poor as they didn't have many shots at goal and conceded both. They weren't impossible saves either. 

The subs changed the game. Lowell Wright is a player and a half. Love his instant impact. Also liked what Max Ferrari had to show.

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Thought Kapor and John have a great start as a partnership. Martinez looks very solid. Acuna, I won't stop glowing about but Atletico have some very good pieces. I think 4 or so short of being contenders though but a great core of players if they managed to keep them and bring youngsters through for 2021. 

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