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Hello everyone!  Long time lurker, first time poster.  I've been a soccer fan ever since '86, as soon as I saw Canada play France in the World Cup.  Since then, I followed the old CSL (go North York Rockets) and continued following Canadian soccer through the old A-League until today.  I was a referee for 10 years, played until my 30's, and have been rabidly following the CPL since 2016 when it was first announced in the news.  I am originally from Toronto, and moved to Calgary two years ago. Because of this, my two favourite club teams are TFC and Cavalry FC, but I always cheer for and follow all Canadian professional teams, especially internationally.

I know this forum isn't looked at very often, but I felt that my first post should be entered here, so you have a bit of an idea who I am if I start posting all over the board. I hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe in these trying times, and I look forward to reading and posting on here!

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