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Valour FC Season Thread 2020 2.0

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A guy that wants to be in Winnipeg and can help contribute to the growth of the sport in the city and province isn't someone who I would want to be moving on from. They only used 5 international

Ha!  And look what I found whilst doing some prep work for a home project this fine Sunday.  A 33 year newspaper clipping. For those not in the know, and a bit of fun, a walk down memmory lane.

Signed! https://canpl.ca/article/valour-fc-signs-canadian-youth-international-shaan-hundal

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26 minutes ago, Dominic94 said:

Or even Sirois..


the caps have 2 young keepers...

I'm not sure the 18-year old is ready to be #1 for a professional team, yet, but there's an excellent chance that Hasal will be available for a season-long loan. Winnipeg would look like a decent landing spot for the kid from Saskatoon.

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44 minutes ago, Cheeta said:

Just so everyone knows, I am highly allergic to goalkeepers under the age of 30 and have been known to suffer unpleasant violent reactions from exposure to such.

Not all younger goalkeepers, just some of them.  You'll know when it happens.  An EpiPen doesn't help.

Just so you know.  As you were.


I hear Old Bert Cunningham is available, UK's oldest goalkeeper. Just imagine having all that experience! 




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