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Class of 1999

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Couldn't find another thread. 

1. Liam Millar:  (55t) Forward, Liverpool.  1 game 82 minutes with the first team in the FA Cup. 33 matches with Scottish Premiership team Kilmarnock, 2 goals, 2 assists.  25 games, 4 goals 5 assists with the U23 team and 14 goals 8 assists with the U18 team.  8 Canada MNT games with one assist.  Played with the U20 team and in the Toulon tournament.  On U23 provisional roster.

2. Ballou Tabla: (495t) Winger, Montreal Impact.  25 games, 2 goals, 2 assists with the Impact. 30 games, 3 goals 2 assists with Barcelona B and 2 games with Albacete in Spain Tier 2.  21 games, 5 goals and 3 assist with the Impact USL team and 6 goals in 8 games with the USDA team. 2 games 101 minutes with the Canada MNT and 5 games, 434 minutes with 1 goal with the U17NT. On U23 provisional roster.

3. Theo Bair: (400t) Forward, Homegrown with Vancouver Whitecaps, 17 games, 824 minutes with 2 goals and 2 assists in 2019. 6 games, 1 goal, 1 assist with the U23 development team, 68 USDA games with 42 goals. 2 games, 19 minutes, 1 goal with Canada’s MNT. 5 U20NT games and played in the Toulon tournament. On the provisional U23 roster.

4. Mathieu Choiniere: (400t) Winger, Homegrown, Montreal Impact. 22 games, 763 minutes, 1 assist with the Impact. 58 USDA games with 16 goals. 5 games, 341 minutes, one goal with the U20NT, played 4 games in the Toulon tournament.  On the provisional U23 roster.

5. Noah Verhoeven: (275t) Midfield, Pacific FC. 24 games, 1805 minutes, 1 assist in 2019,  1 VC game.  24 games with Fresno, 1101 minutes, 1 assist, 1 US Open Cup game .One game in with Vancouver FC, 69 USDA games with 10 goals.  5 games, 283 minutes with the U20NT, 4 games in the Toulon tournament.  One call-up to the Canada MNT.  On the provisional U23 roster.

6. Clément Bayiha: (325t) Winger, Homegrown, Montreal Impact. 11 games, 469 minutes in MLS, 5 games, 323 minutes inVoyageur Cup games. 2 games with Ottawa Fury in 2018, 60 USDA games with 16 goals. 5 games 285 minutes with the U20NT, played in the Toulon tournament, .  On the provisional U23 roster.

7. Tajon Buchanon: (358t) Winger, Generation Adidas, New England Revolution.  12 MLS games, 406 minutes and 2 assists, 1 US Open Cup game, 37 minutes.  32 games, 12 goals, 6 assists with Syracuse University.  9 games 3 assists with Sigma FC in L1O and 21 goals and 10 assists with Legacy HS in Colorado.  On the provisional U23 roster.

9.  Zorhan Bassong: (110t) Defender, Cercle Brugge, Belgium Tier 1. 4 bench appearances. 2 games 134 minutes , 1 assist with Canada MNT.  Also played with Belgium’s U19NT.  On the provisional U23 roster.

10. Chris N’Sa: (110t), Defender, HFX Wanderers. 18 games, 1216 minutes in 2019. 3 Voyageur Cup games, 7 games with the Impact in USL and 44 games in the USDA.  2 U15NT camps and 1 U18NT camp.

11. Ryan Raposo: (55t) Midfield, Generation Adidas, Vancouver Whitecaps, 1 game 23 minutes in 2020. Two seasons at Syracuse University with 19 goals and 14 assists in 38 games. 13 goals in 24 games with Vaughan Azzurri. On the provisional U23 roster.  

12. Jacob Shaffelburg: (220t) Winger, Homegrown, TFC. 10 games, 671 minutes, 1 assist in 2019. 2 Voyageur Cup and 1 Champions League game.  I game in L1O.  New England High School player of the year with Berkshire HS, 50 goals, 25 assists over two seasons. On the provisional U23 roster.

13. Daniel Kinumbe: (110t) Defender, HFX Wanderers. 1 game 67 minutes with the Impact in 2019, 1 VC appearance.  3 games while on loan to the Ottawa Fury, 33 games, 10 goals in USDA.  3 games with the U20NT, 4 games in the Toulon tournament.  On the provisional U23 roster.

14. Malyk Hamilton: (83t) Midfield, Atletico Ottawa.  18 games, 1274 minutes with Cavalry FC in 2019, 2 VC games. 8 games, 3 goals with TFC in L1O. 21 games, 679 minutes with West Ham U18.

15. Raphael Garcia : (83t) Defender, Valour FC. 16 games , 943 minutes, 2 assists in 2019.  79 games, 11 goals with the Montreal Impact USDA team.  1 U15NT camp

16. Klaidi Cela : (55t) Defender, Forge FC.  8 games, 326 minutes in league play, 9 minutes in VC and 1 minute in CCL games.  1 game with Sigma FC , 12 games with TFC in L1O and 1 game in USL. 2 U15NT, 1 U16NT and 1 U18NT camps.

17 Vincent Lamy: (55t) Free Agent.  4 games, 89 minutes with HFX Wanderers, 2 VC games, 80 minutes. 42 USDA games, 26 goals with Montreal Impact.   3 U15NT camps.

18. Thomas Hasal: (55t) Keeper, Homegrown, Vancouver Whitecaps. No appearances.  31 games with the USDA team. 5 games 450 minutes with the  U20NT team.  On the provisional U23 roster.

19. Belal Halbouni: (0)Defender Werder Bremen, Germany Tier 4, 1 game 1 minute.  33 games with FC London in L1O, 16 games with Western Mustangs in U-sport action.

20. Adonijah Reid: (275t) Winger, Free Agent.  4 games with Le Havre B Tier 4 France in 2019. Generation Adidas, drafted by FC Dallas, no appearances with the club. 41 Games, 5 goals, 1 assist with Ottawa Fury.  20 games, 20 goals with ANB Futbol in L10 action in 2015.  5 games, 222 minutes, 1 goal 1 assist with the U20NT.

21. Federico Pena: (55t) Defender, Free Agent.  8 games, 315 minutes in 2019 with Valour FC.  With the Standard Liege academy in Belgium in 2018. 2 U15NT camps.

22. Glenn Muenkat: (55t) Forward, Free Agent. 13 games, 365 minutes with Valour FC in 2019. 7 games, 162 minutes with Kaiserslautern youth teams in 2018. 22 games, 6 goals in L10 with TFC. 2 U15NT, 1 U16NT and 1 U18NT camps.

23. Stefan Karajovanic: Forward, Carleton University.  Drafted by York 9. 35 goals, 4 assists in 37 games with Carleton. Played in PLSQ with FC Gatineau and Blainville, 26 games, 21 goals. 1 Voyageur Cup game, 22 minutes versus York 9.

Edited by MM3/MM2/MM

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Luka Kulenovic (1999) plays for NK Kustosija Zagreb in the Croatian 2nd tier.  He has played in 8 matches this season with his current club, and his former club (Osijek II).

Dimitar Atanasov (1999) plays for Botev Galobovo in the Bulgarian 2nd tier.  He is on loan from first tier club Arda Kardzhali

Belal Halbouni (1999) is with Werder Bremen II.  He has been on the bench twice, and played the last minute of another match before the season was interrupted.  Belal signed with Werder Bremen II at the end of January.

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2 minutes ago, CanadaFan123 said:

Noah Verhoeven - Pacific FC

What ever happened to Adonijah Reid? He was easily one of our best 99s just 1.5 years ago. 

Hasn't been heard from since he left Le Havre, thought he might end up with Atletico Ottawa, still another 10 or so to add.

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