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York9 - Season Thread 2020

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I dont care what the reason they signed him is. It is good for York, good for the league, and good for Canada having players move on.

They might have used their one month free trial.

I didn't watch many York9 matches last season, but when I did, Estevez was never a standout. I find this surprising.

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I've been quiet on the re-brand thus far as I don't think it is going to happen and it coming up for discussion is because there isn't any CPL to watch. 

The '9' has more significance than the '11' in Indy 11 so while I didn't love it at launch I could get behind it.  York FC is a significantly better name than York 9 however we are York 9 now and changing the name now would be a mistake. The battle Y9 is fighting is because most people in the GTA don't have civic pride for where they live.  This will be the same fight any prospective Mississauga or Durham team will face.  Ironically you see a lot of Torontonians proudly identify with their neighbourhood. 

The level of play is also a tough sell, people are snobbish with their view on things like this.  You see it all the time in this region.  The Argos struggle because the CFL is seen as an inferior league, even though CFL football is entertaining and has enough rule differences to distinguish itself as different from the NFL.  The Bills in Toronto didn't do well because it was exhibition matches and not the real thing.  The Ice Dogs and Battalion left Peel as well even though the level of OHL hockey is very good.  

Getting the product out in front of people, making gamedays an event, having people leave with a good experience wanting to come back is the best strategy to grow attendance.  That is a long term project, removing the 9 isn't going to change this.  A long slow build will also build a better long term loyal fan base.  

Lastly, if TFC's fortunes had been reversed, their first 7 year were full of wins and MLS Championships and the 5 win seasons were happening now I don't think you would've seen the expanded BMO Field and 30,000 average attendances today.

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I remember thinking the Raptors had a terrible name. They were named that largely (entirely?) due to Jurassic Park even though that movie has nothing to do with Toronto. I am sure lots of people thought it was a stupid name. But now, about 25 years later nobody thinks twice about it. Give it time and people will move on and it would probably seem weird to want to change to York FC or York Region FC rather than stay with York 9.

All that being said, I have always liked the York 9 name.

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On 6/16/2020 at 3:26 AM, Ozzie_the_parrot said:


This is a good interview with Ryan Telfer.  His accent makes him sound like a laid back guy but it is clear he is driven and the kind of guy you want to have in your squad.

Q: Is potentially getting to the World Cup in the back of your mind when you are on the training pitch?

A: No it is a the front of my mind, it is why I get up everyday.

Telfer isn't here because he thinks it'll be a free ride because he's been here already, he's back because it's the best place for him to keep climbing the football ladder.  

The thing he takes away from his time with TFC was how intense training was with Giovinco, Bradley and Altidore and how that intensity translated to everyone on the team.  You hear how demanding the Y9 training sessions are, good to know one of the top players in the league appreciates putting in the work.  As it resonated with him at TFC it will do the same to the newer pros at Y9.

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Re: re-branding

They are looking at all things but there isn't a decision either way. Response they've received is balanced, people from outside of the market seem to be in favour of it.  Owners have put millions into the club already, asking them for more would have to be confident that it would cut into the market.  Would you invest a million dollars in a crowded marketplace without universally positive appeal? 

Elements within the brand are strong (i.e. nicknames) but there isn't allot outside of the trillium flower and the stripes. 

Club was behind where they should've been after the training camp in terms of marketing.

No names disclosed, it isn't about a name it's about a brand. 

Surprised from statements from supporters groups as none had spoke to him about their feelings.

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43 minutes ago, Mikmacdo said:

I think playing the home and away vs TFC would have really helped Y9 with brand awareness and ticket sales. There are still TFC fans that dont even know what the CPL is. 

Maybe if TSN had some CPL highlights those TFC fans might know there was something else was going on.

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Angus McNab seemed to make a point of mentioning the Baldasserra family a lot in a way that made it sound like they need to see a viable strategy moving forward before they will pump large sums of money in. Seemed to suggest that people who talk about needing a marketing budget don't grasp how many millions they have already spent so far. Too bad the guy doing the interview didn't ask about the stadium renovation because that is the 500lb gorilla in the room at the moment.

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I have been noticing McNab mentioning the Baldassarra's more in all the interviews he's been doing as well.  I don't particularly like it as most of the time when you hear about how much money owners have spent it is because the owners are unwilling to spend more. 

I think what McNab is trying to deliver the point that they are committed as evident with the millions they have spent to date.  The Baldassarra aren't unwilling to spend, look at the caliber of players they have brought in this season, they have to be one of the top spending clubs, I get more of the sense that McNab is trying to let people know that they are methodical on how they spend. 

I see parallels to Belan in Saskatchewan in terms of looking before they leap.  Any re-brand or stadium plans will happen once they believe it is best for the club not just because they have the money to do it. 

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1 hour ago, Stouffvillain said:

... The Baldassarra aren't unwilling to spend, look at the caliber of players they have brought in this season, they have to be one of the top spending clubs, ...

The league has a salary cap and is rumoured to have a floor spend on salaries that is not too far off the maximum spend, so it's definitely not player salaries where Angus McNab was talking about budgets having to be justified. My impression was that he was talking mainly about marketing in that context and there's nothing wrong with them only pushing the boat out financially on that if he can come up with a strategy that's actually likely to work.

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I don't think anybody's said this anywhere yet, so I'll say this one quick.

If McNab keeps hinting that the Balderassas are less willing to spend, as they already have spent a fair sum, and are only willing to commit to a marketing spend on an identity they can get behind, then that to me sounds like it's as much the Balderassas that are uncertain about the Y9 brand as McNab is. 

If you were the owner, and you were happy with the club branding that you nurtured through on the recommendations of Ganzhorn just two years ago, then you wouldn't take any dissent from McNab about the branding, and you'd likely be far more willing to commit to marketing budgets. With it being covid though, this is all just conjecture from me. Who knows what the marketing would've been like without covid. 

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