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MLS Match Updates and Talk 2020

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That is....off-putting. 

Jakovic and Kaye to start for LAFC, which means that they will start more Canadians than either Montreal or Toronto did in the first game of this tourney.

Chapman on in the 65th minute for Miami against NYRB. Johnston starting for Nashville against DC. Lots of Canucks seeing action tonight and we haven't yet got to LAFC vs. Vancouver. This is

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3 minutes ago, SthMelbRed said:

As much as I would have liked it to have been out, it actually wasn't. The inside curve of the ball was still overhanging the line at its furthest. I did think, on first watching, that there might have been offside in the immediate buildup, though.

I know what you're saying but that last replay they just showed reinforces my opinion that the ball was fully out, I didn't notice the offside! Maybe just not conclusive enough to change the original decision!

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It was close, but I didn't think the ball totally went out of the side plane.  It's amazing how many people think there is a different rule inside the goal mouth as compared to any of the other lines on the pitch.  They see a little green between the sideline and the bottom of the ball and they think it is out.

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