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I like them.  All of them. I think the league and Macron have done really well -  especially for a fledgling league of our scope and scale. 

It just occurred to me (watching the Concacaf champions league right now) that the CPL kits are all pretty different from each other, and I like them all, whilst the MLS kits are identical in design,

Don't think this was posted  

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1. Cavs (By a large margin. Very clean kit) 2. Valour (Clean, nice pinstripe) 3. Forge ( Upgrade from last year, not over the top) 

Big drop off in quality here for me.

4. PFC ( Looks good from distance but the stars are weird up close) 5. ( I like clean kits, but this is a little too simple) 6. York ( Not digging the middle stripes) 7. HFX ( UGLY! The design on the bottom ruined the kit )

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