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Atlético Ottawa 2020 Season

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5 hours ago, Cblake said:

I know the CPL and CFL are unique in being all Canadian leagues, wonder if the government will let them start even if say MLS, MLB , NBA etc are not playing due to what is going on in the US. The communal aspect to this makes it hard as I really can not see them allowing large gatherings if their is a chance of spread, even if its quite small at the time. I guess the CPL could if they were allowed could play a chunk of the season at least early on behind closed doors. Even if allowed would they proceed along the route considering financial losses.

I think they might play behind closed doors if they are able to take advantage of the all-Canadian aspect of it - the NHL, for instance, you're risking bringing things across borders and obviously the US is a shitshow. But here, if we have a decent handle on things, why not get started behind closed doors, you're only moving ~20 people around, there'd only need to be ~50 at the game. And if they + health officials believe it's okay to do that, they can really take advantage of being the only live sport on TV (you can bet they'd have interest from TSN, Sportsnet, CBC, etc to get a piece of that) which would absolutely help the teams and league in the long run.

*But* all of that is obviously dependent on Canada having a better handle on things than other countries.

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Are certain people saying that a Canadian team can never have red, white and blue as their team colours?   I personally love the badge.  But again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

So jealous of these young soccer playing kids here in Canada today and the options they have. Better coaching, Academies , MLS Academies, league 1 Ontario type development leagues, play in CPL and the

Hell, after the crap he spouted last year, he should fear the taunting of supporters when playing at home. 

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More news from Athlético: https://ottawasun.com/sports/soccer/with-cpl-season-on-hold-atletico-ottawa-players-reaching-out-to-fans       I haven't received a call to date:

"Atletico players, who returned early from a training camp in Spain on Monday, have been in self-isolation, but that hasn’t stopped them from making phone calls to people who are on a list of 550 account holders who made an initial deposit to hold season tickets. Atletico Ottawa is going into its first season in the CPL."


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4 hours ago, toontownman said:

What I am curious about is the two signees who will be on At Madrid level salaries. I am not sure if this could be one, hard to say. Maybe they think, the Spanish season is shot and it might be better to get players ready to start in Canada in June or July.

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5 hours ago, Big_M said:

played some games with cavallini at puebla..a career backup in mexico but played recently in the first tier so looks like a strong signing for this level

It's interesting, looking at his games played makes me wonder if he's had injury issues? I mean, he started 18 of 34 games, played 28 total, in 10-11, but then didn't play much overall until 16-17 (started 15, played 25, between two teams in two leagues) and 17-18 (started 22 of 36 top flight Mexican games, played 30), at least according to soccerway.

I mean, playing just 24 games over four seasons (from 11-12 to 14-15) does point to being a career backup, but starting 22 of 36 top flight games when you're 30 years old would usually suggest someone better than a career backup, you know?

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